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Research & Philosophy
A research organization founded in 1987 by William & Suzi Wolcott, Healthexcel is the established leader in the rapidly emerging field of Metabolic Typing®, the science of customized nutrition. In addition to conducting research, Healthexcel provides technical consulting services to health professionals engaged in nutritional counseling and ecological lifestyle management, as well as advanced computer-based Metabolic Type® analyses based in The Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing®.


Metabolic Typing®
Ecological Lifestyle Advisor Training
Healthexcel provides educational services, information resources, and training for those seeking to work as Metabolic Typing® Ecological Lifestyle Advisors.

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The Metabolic Typing Diet (softcover)
Read all about "the book,"
The Metabolic Typing Diet ,
by William L. Wolcott and Trish Fahey, published by Doubleday, January, 2000. Widely recognized as the definitive, authoritative work on Metabolic Typing®, this book marks the first time in the last 75 years that information on this clinical science has been released to the public. Available online at

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